6-month-old Babies: What Toys Should They Have?

Raising a kid is not an easy job. As the baby grows, so does the parents’ troubles. One of the problems that you will face as a parent is trying to decide what things are appropriate for your kids according to their age.

Toys play an essential role in a baby’s life. They serve as entertainment and distraction as well as educational tools. Exposing your kids to the right toys at the age of 6 months can prove to be very helpful in their growth and development. Baby’s brain at 6 months is at a very crucial stage of development and toys can be very nurturing. So below is a decent guide for best toys for 6 month old babies.

Things to keep in mind while buying toys for 6-month old babies:

  • Buy toys that are colorful
  • Toys that make music or say words like mama and dada should be preferred
  • 6-month babies love dancing toys or toys that move
  • Never buy toys that can be a choking hazard!

Here are some ideas for you while you go toy-shopping for your 6-month-old baby

Books with projections

It has been well proven by science that exposing babies to books at an early age can lead to development of intellectuals. Buy books with alphabets and lots of pictures. Your 6-month old baby will love books that have projections on opening up.

Erase Boards

A mini erase board can be a great toy for 6-month-old babies. They can scribble on it endlessly and you can help them learn the alphabets with it too!

Speaking and dancing dolls

Dolls that say mama and dada on pressing can help your kid learn those words. Dancing dolls can distract your 6-month baby when he or she is crying. Following the movements of the dolls can be a good exercise for your baby’s eyes.

Mobile cars or barn animals

Remote controlled cars barn animals can be very stimulating. Your 6-month crawler can follow these toys around to get a good exercise with some entertainment.


Legos can be used to teach your kids addition and subtraction. They might not grasp the concept at this age but it will be good for your baby’s growing neurons. Building things with Legos can also impart a concept of construction. Just make sure that you buy large sized Legos. Babies love to put things in their mouths so we do not want any choking hazard around them!

What Toys Should Your Baby Have?

Choose colorful and mobile toys for your 6-month old babies. Try to get your hands on some fun books and toys with non-toxic materials.