Teamsters Endorse Richard Romero

Mayoral candidate Richard Romero won the endorsement of the New Mexico Teamsters Union. Here’s the full statement from his campaign:

“It’s an honor to receive this important endorsement,” said Romero.  “As mayor, I will continue to stand up for our city’s workers and the unions that back them. My roots are with this union—my father was a warehouse man at Sandia Labs and a proud member of the Teamsters.”The union pointed to Romero’s strong record of standing with working families, citing that as a State Senator and Senator Pro Tem Richard Romero:

  • Fought for minimum wage increases;
  • Opposed privatization of prisons and stood up to voice strong disapproval of the unethical action taken by Manny Aragon in becoming a lobbyist for private prison operator, Wackenhut, while simultaneously serving in the Senate;
  • Carried the collective bargaining bill that allowed state workers to organize